Fucking funny

OMFG, I feel like the luckiest girl in the WORLD!!!

Just got back from dinner at Li’l G’s place.. He told me we were gonna go out for supper, but suprised me instead – walked into his place and he’d put candles all over the floor and laid a picnic blanket out in the middle of his lounge.. and it gets even better.. when I was little, his mom used to make THE BEST mac and cheese ever! (I tried it once and was like totally obsessed with it – so then, every time she made it for dinner, she’d lean over the wall and tell my mom to send me over for supper!) He remembered this and got the recipe from her and made it for me! Along with ice cream served with only pink and purple smarties – cos when I was little those were the only one’s I’d eat! 

He also confessed something that completely shocked the living crap out of me..

When I was in Grade 9, my family’s staffie, Toffie-belle (my sister named her, don’t ask) got run over. I was completely and utterly devastated. So much so that I didn’t go to school for two days ‘cos I couldn’t stop crying. Eventually, I was forced to go to class, but walked around like a total trainreck. Later in that miserable week, I found a burned CD had been slipped into my satchel. Somebody had taken magic marker and written: ‘Don’t cry beautiful girl’ on the front.

How sweet is that?!!!!

I had ZERO idea as to who it was. It could’ve been any one of the gazillion dudes who always tried to fuck me in the parking lot after the school socials.. (I use the word try cos I’d NEVER have dated a boy I went to school with. Grossness! I was only interested in boys with wheels and fat salaries.. Dunno if that was shameful or clever.. Hehe!)    

Anywayz, Li’l G totally fessed up to making the CD – and I know it’s him for sure – he could name all the songs on there! OMMMG!!

What am amazing date! Was sooo cool, but got cut too short. Had to disappear early for reasons that are too long and boring to explain right now. 

I’m now gonna slip into bed and when I indulge in a few Good Night Vibes.. It’s still sooo funny to me tho.. if someone had told me a few year’s back  that I’d be fiddling with my clit while thinking of li’l G – a boy who used to wear red cordurouys and polka dot suspenders!!! – I’d have laughed in your face.

Funny, funny, funny..


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