Dirty weekend fun

Shoooo… This weekend was insane!

On Friday, I was sooo buggered I decided to stay in with a little gift from the Passion Fruit peeps, my new Love Racer G-spot dildo!

Fuck me DEEP and HARD!

This sexy silicone beast is nice and big, so it fills your vag with it’s big, hulking deliciousness while pressing up against your clit. The best part tho is the curved tip that allows it to hit up your G-spot with ease. I like to slide this bad boy in me and lie on my stomach, rocking back and forth until the sensation is soooo intense I feel like I’m gonna piss on my hands! I also dig that it’s a non-vibing toy – so I can use it in my room while my flatmate whips up din din, safe in the knowledge that she won’t hear a thing.. except maybe a pillow-stiffled moan when I come, come, COME!

On Saturday, I tanned and shopped (the usual) and had a little nap before hitting up town with my girlfriends. I didn’t find any sexy boys to play with and wasn’t really looking (my dirty little cunt’s need for cock had been stifled thanks to Friday’s fuck session..) so instead I got crazyee drunk on appletinis and patron and danced till I couldn’t feel my feet.


My tan's darker than youuur tan!

It was definately a good weekend. How was yours?!!


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  1. Posted May 1, 2011 at 7:29 am | Permalink

    This looks really fun! An I like that you don’t need batteries!

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