Party, party, party!

Sjjjoooooeeeee, how hot is this fucking weather. I’m sitting here typing in the nude and despite having all the windows open, I can feel my sweat trickling down my thighs.. Insane!


My second shower of the day. Still melting..

Now let me tell you the most crayzee story..

I went to J’s Camp’s Bay house party this weekend had a really BAD and GOOD time.. this is cos on the way there, my friend’s Savanna spilled all over my lap and INTO MY PURSE!!! I had to walk into this totally pretentious party REEKING of Sav and with this big stain all over my crotch!

I was all like oh well whatever.. it’s going to be gone in a bit cos it’s so hot – but it dried a horribly PEE YELLOW STAIN on my pale lilac dress. ;-( ;-( ;-(


So I was like totally over it. Was like right, you have your fun cos I’m gonna go home and change.. BUUUT as I was leaving, I tripped down this crazy stone stair case thing and cut the shit out of my knees and forearm. Like WTF?!!!! (Reckon it’s sooo god’s way of getting back at me for being mean to the fat girls in high school!!!)

LUCKILY.. (see there was a good bit) I was literally picked up off the ground by a White Knight who was  tall, dark AND handsome. Such a cliche.. but ja.. I was in such a state that only  half way though the whole OMG are you okay process did I realise that we actually knew each other……. it was little G, the boy who used to be my neighbour back in school! Except he wasn’t little any more. Sjoh!

 Let me fill you on the dealio with Little G:

When I was really little, we used to play together all the time. I used to have a pool and he didn’t.. so on hot days he’d come over to swim. And one school holiday we tried to build a tree house in the back of his garden.. but his mom made us stop half way ‘cos she though we were going to hammer one of our fingers off or fall out and get concussed. (It was a tall tree..)

Anywayz.. we got to Grade 7 and I was suddenly a ‘cool kid’ and he was still Little G.. And he made the fateful mistake of asking me to slow dance to Underneath Your Clothes, that stupid Shakira song at a house party. I was like dude.. what the fuck.. all my friends are here. I hate to admit, but I kinda told the little guy to piss off in front of a whole bunch of people and we NEVER SPOKE AGAIN! And in high school I don’t even think we looked at each other.. I was too busy partying it up and he was.. well… I actually have no clue what he did. But still, I always felt bad about it, but kinda shoved it to the back of my mind.. 

Sooo weird to meet up again! And so freaky that he’s suuuuch a babe. Wow! 

Oookay, so there’s more to the story, but I gotta go – running late for my shift. Will tell you the rest laterz,


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  1. James
    Posted March 2, 2011 at 8:49 am | Permalink


  2. B
    Posted March 3, 2011 at 9:01 am | Permalink

    Hey Minx…am I losing me eyesight or are there no scratches on your knees in the shower pic you posted? :-)

  3. Minki
    Posted March 3, 2011 at 6:01 pm | Permalink

    This was taken while getting ready for the party. The colour on my toes is Essie punchy pink. It’s my new favourite.

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