This weekend’s gonna be awesome! My friend J has landed herself in some very interesting company..

She went to a Camps Bay house party the othe day.. you know.. those one’s where the house is rented by some rich douche down from Europe or the states for the season.. where they just throw mad parties every night with a increcibly good looking rent a crowd that they pick up on the strip.. And all the alcohol is free, free, FREE!

Anywayz, while there she met this cute Italian banker type who listened to her bitch and whine about her shit flatmate.. (The cuntbag she lives with thinks its okay to help herself to J’s shoes, wear the fuck out of them and then leave them lying in her car.. for J to discover for herself a month later!  Sooo not cool!!)

So Italian guy was like ‘shame poor you, come move in with us’, just like that. And she was like ‘For real?!’ and so she moved in on Monday and has been living like a fucking queen. All she does is lie around the pool, REQUEST FANCY DINNERS FROM THEIR LIVE IN CHEF and watch the E channel on dstv. And she doesn’t have to shag anyone! HOW IS THAT LUCK?

She’s got in there so much with her sweet boere meisie charm – something she can turn on the moment she needs to use it, cos really she’s an evil bitch like me.. that the Euro crew have now told her she can throw a wild house party there this weekend. THEY’RE GOING TO SPONSER ALL THE BOOZE!!


 Very excited! Looking forward to it and can’t wait to tell you about how it all goes down…….




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